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How to Get There


The closest airport is Bhopal (195 kms). From there you can either take a train or go by road to Pipariya.


Pipariya is a small station between two major railway junctions—Itarsi (100 kms) and Jabalpur (201 kms). You can take the train up to Jabalpur, Bhopal or Nagpur and then drive to Pipariya by car. You can also catch one of the various trains that go up to Pipariya.

Besides this, Pipariya has a direct train connection with all the four metros too. For Delhi, there is the Jabalpur-New Delhi Superfast (2191). For Mumbai and Kolkata, there is the Kolkata Mail (2322), Howrah Mumbai Mail (via Allahabad) (2321, 2357), and Mahanagari Express (1093) only for Mumbai. For Chennai, there is the Sanghamitra Express (2295), Bagmati Express (2578, 5278) and Ganga Kaveri Express (2669).


Pipariya is 200 km and 3 hours away from Bhopal on a reasonably good state highway.

Get Involved

There are two types of internships available at JATAN, which can last from one to six months.

The audiovisual AV intern will get an opportunity to video record the interiors of the country, capture the local people and their lives on camera, and make short films on issues that come up during the interviews. They would be expected to have prior knowledge of digital AV recording and editing.

The researcher will get a chance to tour various places in the region, meet with the local populace and collect their stories in first hand. They will also be expected to do some secondary research on the subject they are studying. Researchers can pick up other issues as well for more detailed analysis.


JATAN’s effort to achieve its aims and objectives would not have been possible without the assistance of many individuals. They are the people who believed in us at a time when institutional support was lacking. Click here to know who they are.